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Leeanna C.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA      4/14/2020

I have had 3 different staff members come on out to service my system. I had one guy (sorry can't recall the name) and he was a pretty cool guy. You could tell he was new on the job, but, he was polite and explained a lot of things as he completed the job. He did my annual tune up pretty quickly and was on his way. I had Drew come out a few months later because I had a smell coming from my vents whenever I turned on the AC. He got all up in the attic to inspect if anything had maybe died in the ducts. He found no evidence of any critters up there so he sent another staff member over the next day to clean my coils. He thought they were the origin of the smell. Yani came by to do the cleaning and Drew was right! The smell went away almost immediately! Now, Yani is an awesome guy, LOL! His whole vibe was fun. He explained everything he was doing and was pretty gassed up about the new cleaning product he was using on my coils. He is a super nice guy! This will be my go to company for all AC and heating services. Keep up the good work guys!


RichNbo C.   11/19/2018

My Issue:

The fan to my central AC and heating unit would not turn off, even though the switch on my thermostat panel was in the off position. It's now the beginning of winter with temps hitting into the 30's and I can't get the heat to work.

Initial Call:

I'm a firm believer in learning through other's experiences. I called around nearby areas listed on Yelp that had good reviews to shop for service quotes. I called this company first and Drew answered my call. He quoted me his cost to come out to diagnose the problem and advised that he will be able to fit me in first thing the next morning. I told him thank you, but I'm still shopping around for pricing and might be calling you back. I called a few more places and their diagnostic service fee cost more than what Drew had quoted me, so I called Drew back to schedule the appointment.

Appointment Day:

Drew sent a text message letting me know that he was on his way. He arrived promptly at my home with his assistant, Jeremy.


I guided Drew and Jeremy into my house and within 10 minutes, they had my central AC and heating unit working. I was extremely happy to finally feel my home warming up, instantly! Apparently, it was a sensor that had popped and all they did was reset it.

Full Diagnostic Check:

Even though Drew and Jeremy fixed the issue, they still continued to do a thorough check on my entire central air system and air ducts up in my attic. Drew pointed out that a particular pipe connected to the gas line is leaning against the top of one of the air ducts. It could potentially be a fire hazard and he advised us to have that looked into. He took a picture of it, that clearly showed what he was explaining. He politely asked if it's something my Husband and I was willing to change out in order to save us some money on labor costs. However, that's something we are not experienced in, so I am having Drew come back out to do the pipe correction replacement.


I was prepared to spend at least $400 for service on my unit. However, Drew charged me less than half of what I was anticipating on spending. This guy is amazing and Heaven sent!

Final Thoughts:

As long as I reside in this home and in this area, Drew will be our main Go To guy for all of our central AC and heating needs. Drew is trustworthy, honest and professional. When he got my heat working, he became my super hero! I'm referring him to all of my Husband's co-workers who are homeowners in the area, as well. I would give this company 10 stars if I could. Seriously, call this company first!  Drew is the real deal!


Roni H.

Banning, CA    9/14/2019

Drew is reliable and honest. Also super competitive pricing. Had a house in escrow and needed some duct work done in a hurry. Him and his team did an excellent job.


Matt B.

Beaumont, CA   8/20/2019

Yani and Drew are awesome. Got here in 30 minutes and finished in 30 minutes. Customer service and pricing on point. Thank you again!


Paul J.

Indio, CA  11/29/2019

Called Drew first thing in the morning, and was at our house a couple hours later. Punctual, Honest, friendly and dependable. This is our second time calling Drew, and will continue to utilize his services for any HVAC issues and routine maintenance.


Alan C.

Beaumont, CA  9/22/2018

Drew is reliable, knows the AC business and always does a good job. He is honest and does not over charge.

Highly recommended.



Yucaipa, CA 7/11/2016

Update July 2017:

My Bryant central A/C unit is about 11 years old now and I don't do that great of job maintaining it. My condenser motor (spins the a/c fan) went out and I called Drew. He was out within 36 hours to fix it and my cool air was back! Thanks again, Drew. Summer would be rough without the air conditioning. Highly recommend!


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